Big List of Ecommerce Conversion Tips

I run several ecommerce shops and whether I like it or not, most of my days are spent getting the conversion rates up. I have gathered here the most important conversion tips that I know.

These tips are in no particular order (except maybe no. 1 being the most important).

Got more ecommerce conversion tips? Share them in the comments!

  1. Always Be Testing! Test these tips, test marketing channels, test different variations of content text etc.
  2. Have high-quality photos of your products. Preferably multiple images from different angles and settings.
  3. Write unique product descriptions. Don't just copy-paste product specs. At the same time, keep in mind the keywords you want to focus on.
  4. Product videos are engaging content.
  5. Product customization creates ownership. If you spend 30 minutes customizing the product, it feels like your own.
  6. Free shipping is almost necessary! Conversion is noticeably better when offered free shipping. Include the shipping cost in product price, and remember to advertise your free shipping.
  7. People love sales. Have a separate sales section, or if a product is on sale, display the prices and difference prominently.
  8. Ask minimal amount of information on checkout. Make it as simple as possible.
  9. Make your site fast.
  10. Live chat provides support and trust.
  11. Display return policy prominently. People are concerned if the product they buy is going to be suitable for them.
  12. Display contact info prominently, it creates trust. Perhaps a photo, phone number and email address in header?
  13. Show progress indicators in checkout. Also make the process as simple as possible.
  14. Show a box on product description page for shipping & return info. Easily available information helps the buying process and builds trust.
  15. Show shipping & return info on shopping cart page. Also if you have free shipping, display this information.
  16. Offer multiple payment options and describe them thoroughly.
  17. Display your value proposition on your homepage. Make it unique.
  18. Search is important. Lots of users prefer looking for content using search. Make it autocomplete product information if possible.
  19. Allow users to filter your product catalog. But if you only have a few products, dont display filters. Keep it simple to browse your catalog.
  20. Display user's shopping cart content on every page. Remind them what they are going to buy. Also in checkout process!
  21. Make account registration in the background. When user checkouts, create automatically an user account for them. Do not have a separate registration step in checkout!
  22. Product reviews. These are important. Display them everywhere. If you don't have any reviews, don't display them. That makes the product look unwanted. Also look into getting external reviews from other sources.
  23. Upsell related products. The products should be at most 60% of the value of the product in cart. But do not upsell in checkout flow, your main focus should be on getting the user to check out their order.
  24. Use clear and big call to actions. People shouldn't need to look for these in your pages. Make them stand out.
  25. Offer back-ordering. If a product is out of stock, have an option to backorder (if the product is coming soon) or have them to be notified when it is back in stock.
  26. Offer coupon codes. People love a good deal. When marketing your store, offer an unique coupon code that gives them a discount on your products.
  27. Make your prices competitive. If you are selling brand name products, have them priced in average or below average to your competitors.
  28. Use software to track abandoned carts. If the customer had typed in their email, email them in couple of days to remind them about their cart. Offer a discount as an incentive.
  29. Install SSL on your website.
  30. Display images of credit cards (and other payment options) to showcase that you use trustful payment options in your store.
  31. Structure the product categories in a logical way. Make just a few top-level categories.
  32. Offer express checkout, like Paypal Express. User's contact information is already saved there and it makes the checkout process much quicker and effortless.
  33. Optimize your website for mobile users. Test the whole checkout process from start to end.
  34. Have a blog on your website. Provide valuable and related content for your potential customers. This helps build trust and SEO.
  35. Use large images on the top of your page. These images grab your user's attention quickly.
  36. Don't have too many call to actions. One or two is enough. And make sure they are to most important ones.
  37. Offer a so-called tripwire offer (an offer that is low-cost and a significantly great deal for the customer). This allows the initial customer order to be made more easily and gives you an option to upsell. Use this tripwire offer in for example FB marketing.
  38. Spell check all of your content.
  39. Remove site navigation when your user is in the checkout funnel. Don't distract your customers when checking out.
  40. Display the add to cart button at all times. Maybe make it stick to the top of users's browser?
  41. Have an exit popup on your website when user intends to leave.
  42. Highlight the products you want to sell the most. Preferable in your homepage and other related sections.


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