My Projects

A somewhat comprehensive list of my side projects. Updated 27th of February 2024.

PHP-RAG - An AI assistant built with PHP, Solr (or other DB backend) and LLM of choice. Mostly aimed at entities that already have an ElasticSearch or Solr document database and want to effortlessly build a chatbot.

Urbanlan Liput - A ticket sales management system for our lanparty (but is designed to be really flexible for other kind of events). Supports SVG seatmaps, REST API, different payment gateways. Looking into making it a product and doing market research. Headless system with Laravel backend and Quasar frontend.

Peertube Search - Website that indexes all publicly available Peertube videos and metadata. Searches and filters can be used to browse the data. Build with Laravel, Apache Solr and Bulma.

Hashtag Wall - Node.js server and client that displays your social media posts on a wall display. Open source, fully customizable, code available on Github.

Kenen numero - Check whose phone number called you (in Finland)
Whose Number (UK)
Whose Number (Australia)

Video Game Crate - Online store where I am selling used video games and other retro game related items

The "graveyard" (not actively maintained)

Red-Disc - Website where you can browse and search multiple Reddit topics and discussions

Pelidialogi - (Finnish) Video game podcast I used to be in - Index website that lists all the best farms and pools on the Binance Smart Chain - Index website that lists all the best farms and pools on the Polygon Matic Network

Helsinki Traffic Forecast - Created for the UN World Challenge 2018 -competition. It is a platform used to analyze and predict traffic patterns and air quality in Helsinki. It utilizes advanced machine learning models to create forecasts and makes traffic route suggestions based on this information.

Detect-CMS - a PHP library for detecting the CMS of a website

Whois Database - Database website for public Whois domain information and search

Dota 2 Prediction AI - Neural network that predicts the winner of Dota 2 match based on picks. Built with brain.js. - A Single-Page-App of bar discovery in Finland. Built with Drupal 8 & Vue.js.

Vuokrakämpät - An aggregator of rental properties in Finland.

Finnish People on the Internet - An interactive infographic about how Finnish people use the Internet. Based on research by YLE and 15/30 Research. Built for Avoin data competition 2011. Graphic design by Dung Nguyen.

Bitcoin Incremental - An incremental game prototype made with Isogenic Engine. Source is up on Github.

Lakkoperjantai - Visualization of different strike FB groups happening in Finland 2015.

One Hotel Room - Experimental game built for Ludum Dare 37. 

Miner Incremental - An incremental game made with Javascript

Eduskuntavaalit 2015 - Mitä jos nukkuvat olisivat puolue - A visualization of the Finnish election of 2015. What if the people who didn't vote were a party?

Flappy Jonne - Flappy bird clone made for Urbanlan