My Projects

A somewhat comprehensive list of my hobby projects. Updated regularly.

Detect-CMS - a PHP library for detecting the CMS of a website

Dota 2 Prediction AI - Neural network that predicts the winner of Dota 2 match based on picks. Built with brain.js. - A Single-Page-App of bar discovery in Finland. Built with Drupal 8 & Vue.js.

Vuokrakämpät - An aggregator of rental properties in Finland.

Finnish People on the Internet - An interactive infographic about how Finnish people use the Internet. Based on research by YLE and 15/30 Research. Built for Avoin data competition 2011. Graphic design by Dung Nguyen.

Bitcoin Incremental - An incremental game prototype made with Isogenic Engine. Source is up on Github.

Lakkoperjantai - Visualization of different strike FB groups happening in Finland 2015.

One Hotel Room - Experimental game built for Ludum Dare 37. 

Miner Incremental - An incremental game made with Javascript

Eduskuntavaalit 2015 - Mitä jos nukkuvat olisivat puolue - A visualization of the Finnish election of 2015. What if the people who didn't vote were a party?

Flappy Jonne - Flappy bird clone made for Urbanlan