Launching Pino: a Drupal 8 Distribution for Member Management

Last week I published Pino: a Member Management web app built as a custom Drupal 8 distribution. With Pino, you can manage members and their metadata, send email notifications to the members and more.

I have been thinking about this doing this project for some time now. I am personally a board member in several associations, and I have seen several different member management solutions. Most common of them all, is honestly just Excel.

Excel is a simple and alright solution for managing a small content sheet, but at some point, it's limitations will have to be faced. Major example is emailing: pretty much all of the associations I am involved in just copied the emails from an Excel sheet and sent email notifications using their personal mailboxes. Better tools for this are available, and I wanted to build something like that, in open source way of course.

I think dogfooding is the only way to make a meaningful SaaS product in this day and age. That way the specs and requirements are more meaningful, I stop occasionally while developing a feature and ask myself: "Would I use this feature? How I would use it? How would I make it faster/easier to use?"

The product is now up and ready to be used. I would love to hear any feedback of it, installation, daily usage, import/exporting etc.




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